Obliques R Us Ab Workout

Time:  41:36
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat.

I think this is the first time I've done one of Dulci's workouts.  I've watched a few but never done them because so many that I've seen are high-impact and I can't do those workouts because of my feet.  There are a few bouncy exercises in this video that I adjusted or just did something else instead to make it low-impact.  Although this is very much an abdominal workout, specifically targeting the oblique muscles, there also is a bit of cardio here, too.  It fit perfectly into my workout schedule today and I didn't have to add in any extra cardio.  I really didn't have to modify much.  On the side lifts and side arm unders, I went from the knee and those are the only two ab exercises that I modified.  I also have a tender lower back and hips, so I used a flat pillow under me on most of the mat exercises so that I wouldn't be in pain when doing those moves.

I really liked the workout and I like Dulci.  She's energetic and doesn't do everything perfectly.  At the end of her videos, she also gives a pep talk or explains a bit about fitness.  I'll be doing more of Dulci's videos this month.  I've been browsing her archives for low-impact goodies and I've found a few that I want to do in the next few weeks.
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