Ballet Body Barre Workout with Jessica Smith

Time: 28:45
Equipment needed: Bare feet. Lightweight dumbbells (3 lbs or lighter). Yoga mat or ballet slippers to protect feet (optional).

I love ballet inspired workouts and this one is so much fun.  I used a yoga mat to protect my feet (but I could have gotten out my ballet slippers, too, and they would have served the same purpose), just be sure you can slide easily if you choose to go this route.

Do not use any heavier weights than 3 lb dumbbells because of the amount of repetitions done here.  You don't have to use any weights at all and it will still be a challenge.  I used my little 1 pounders.

There is no jumping here, so it's completely low-impact.  The movements are swift enough to get a little cardio along with the toning work but the focus is toning.

Plies are killer!  <---- Don't let that stop you!  Get that butt and those thighs strong and lean!  :)

This is workout #5 in Jessica's 20-day fall fitness challenge and my 2nd workout of the day.
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