Cardio Full-body Fusion Walk with Jessica Smith

Time: 28:43
Equipment needed: None

Jessica does this workout barefoot and if you choose to do that you'll either want to be on carpet or pull out your yoga mat to protect your feet.  I did it with shoes on, because I'm cool like that.  Really, it's because of my feet issues.  ;)

This is workout number 2 in her 20 day fall fitness challenge.  As I've said before, I love fusion workouts.  Cardio by itself is fine but I prefer to have it mixed with body-toning moves so that I get more out of my workouts without having to put in more time.  Time is one of our biggest assets.  We all have the same amount of it everyday.  If we can accomplish more in less time, that leaves us more time for other things.

Along with the various walking movements, Jessica adds in ab work, leg work, arm work, and some pilates movements at the end.  It's a big whole-body fusion mashup.  Jessica always has a good music mix to go with her workouts and it's always so cute to see her dog, Peanut, show up in her videos regularly.
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