Kickboxing Cardio & Strength Circuit Workout with Jessica Smith

Time: 32:43
Equipment needed: Light set of dumbbells

This is workout #2 for me today and #3 in Jessica's 20-day fall fitness challenge.  I am a few days behind in starting the challenge and there will be upcoming days that I won't be able to workout, so I'll be doubling up a lot on the videos so that I can finish the challenge on time and be included in a chance to win the prizes.  :)

Let me just say, straight up, that I love, love, love a good kickboxing workout.  Nothing else makes me feel so good while I'm working out and when I'm finished.  That being said, although I really liked this workout it is NOT for anyone who doesn't know how to modify many of the moves.  Jessica doesn't give enough options for those of us who need to modify.

I do not do any jumping movements, whatsoever, do to my feet.  Anyone who's heavy or has knee or feet issues shouldn't be doing some of the moves in this workout.  Safety and injury prevention ALWAYS comes first.  Trust me, it's far better to keep your body in a state of wholeness and injury free than it is to damage it and deal with the consequences later.

If you know how to modify the moves, then you'll be fine with this workout.  If you don't, I suggest that you try a kickboxing workout made especially for beginners first, so that you can see how to modify and then try this one.

You'll also need a light set of dumbbells for the strength training segments of this video.  I used my little 1 pounders.  Jessica used 5 pounders.  Use what will challenge you but not put you in a state tomorrow where you're screaming in pain from the sore muscles.  If you don't own dumbbells, you can fill some water bottles up with water, rock, or sand... or don't use any weights at all.

Reminder:  YOU are in control of every workout you do.  If something doesn't feel right, don't do it.  Be in a state of progress... not perfection.
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