Yoga for Abs with Jessica Smith

Time: 27:14
Equipment needed: Yoga mat. Bare feet. Cute doggie in the room (optional).

In this workout, Jessica fuses yoga-inspired moves that concentrate on the core and ab muscles.  This workout takes a lot of balance.  It's a toughie.  I felt a lot of work not only in my core but also in my arms and shoulders because of all of the plank work and downward dog style movements.

I found at least one movement to be too fast for me, so I did it at my own pace.  Just keep in mind that the exercises won't do what they are supposed to do if you don't have control over the movements.  It's better to slow it down and do it correctly than to try and keep up with what someone else is able to do.  You'll also prevent injury this way.

This workout is #4 in Jessica's 20-day fall fitness challenge and my first workout of the day.  Now onto the next one... I'm trying to catch up, so I have to double up.
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