Belly Blast Workout - Belly Burning Cardio

Time: 44:30
Equipment needed: exercise mat

I just finished up this 45 minute workout with Dulci. I like her. She's unique. I'll be doing and posting more of her workouts. One day, I won't have to modify her workouts so much. But for today, here are the modifications that I did...

No bouncing or jumping.  Jumping jacks and the like were done with stepping to the side.

All plank-like moves were done on an incline.  I used my old The Firm stacked steps.  You can use the edge of a chair, couch, table, etc...

Ab floor work was adjusted accordingly.

Pretty much, I modified the entire workout for my current fitness levels, injuries, and abilities.

Dulci doesn't use music in her workout videos anymore for a few reasons.  I'm fine with that.  I don't really like some of the music she used in her old videos.  So that leaves us the freedom to put on whatever tunes that motivate us and get us moving.

Here's what I used today and it went along perfectly with the workout...

Enjoy yourself.  Have fun.  Keep going.  Never give up.
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