Intense Ab Workout 12 Minute Tabata “Core Doom”

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Workout Breakdown
Total time: 12 minutes
Set tabata timer for 24 rounds
20 seconds of ab exercise of your choice (do as many reps as you can within 20 seconds)
10 seconds of rest

Choose from the following ab exercises:
  1. V-ups
  2. V-holds
  3. Choppers
  4. Leg Lifts
  5. Bicycle Sit-ups
  6. Half V-ups
  7. Sit-ups
  8. Leg Lift Twists

Time:  12:00 (the video is 13:29)
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat.  Tabata timer.

Being a former BodyRocker, I like order and tracking my reps, so I listed each exercise on a piece of paper with three spaces next to each one so I could write down my reps during each rest period. There are enough exercises listed above to do each one three times. That's 3 rounds through 1-8, so I did them in order each time through.

If you can't do full sit-ups, I can't, especially with my lower back being bruised, then do crunches.  Do your best with each exercise and watch your form.  The amount of reps you get is not as important as doing each exercise with proper form.  I linked up each exercise to a video that shows you how to do each one.

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