POP Pilates: New Body Makeover (Legs, Abs, Arms)

photo by José Vílchez CC BY-SA 4.0 | alt from original

Time:  29:43
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat.  Towel for lower back & hips (optional).  Yoga block for knee (optional).

First of all, let me say that this is not a beginners pilates workout. If you've never done pilates before please do a beginners program or two so that you can learn how to modify the moves to your fitness level or physical abilities. If you have lower back or hip problems, double up on exercise mats (I did) or place a towel underneath those body parts when doing the movements that place stress there. When you are on your side doing the inner-thigh work, you can rest your head cradled in your arm down on the floor rather than up on your elbow in your hand. This will place less stress on your neck. Also, when in that position, you can use a yoga block underneath the knee that's placed in front on the floor. You may be tight in your hips or having your knee on the floor might place too much stress on your lower back. Cassey does tell you how to modify some of the movements but not all of them and not always at the beginning of each exercise. You might want to watch this first before you do it.

The workout was great. It was tough and I'm still feeling it, especially in my abs and legs. I'm certain that I will be sore tomorrow. The music was fun and Cassey's teaching style is fresh and quirky. She says "Oh My God" a lot. It kind-of made me giggle in the way that I would giggle at my teenager's quirkiness. She uses great music and her whole personality is light-hearted in a way that I can tell that she's probably like that all the time and I like that.

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