Legs and Booty Shaper Workout with Tracey Mallett

photo by Jirka Lejska CC BY-SA 3.0 / alt from original
Length:  14:20
Equipment: exercise mat

'Legs & Booty Shaper Workout is a supercharged, 14-minute dancer-inspired toning workout that uses a special combination of exercises to burn calories and work the body from head to toe with a focus on the quads, hamstrings, abs, obliques and booty to reveal lean definition and sculpt a strong and sexy dancer’s physique. Boost energy, improve posture and build strength as you shrink your waistline with result-driven moves like heel raises, side squats, squat hip abductors, reverse lunge taps, pulsing reverse lunges, balance exercises, knee lift leg extensions, groiners, mountain climbers, standing side crunches, pliĆ© squats, Stretching variations and many more that are sure to leave you looking and feeling amazing.'

15 min Advanced Total Butt Workout

photo by Jhowardphoto CC BY-SA 4.0 / alt from original
Length:  15:53
Equipment: exercise mat

'This workout is designed to tighten, lift, and round your glutes, which is the largest muscle in your body.'

12-Minute Fat Burning Power Walk Home Workout

Length:  12:48
Equipment: none

Need a quick energy boost? Trying to rack up a few more steps today? Join certified fitness instructor Jessica Smith for this short, powered up walk that includes a few fun intervals to mix up your steps and get you sweating!

Enjoy yourself. Have fun. Keep going. Never give up.

Need a good pair of walking shoes?

Jane Fonda: Trim Tone and Flex

Length:  53:51
Equipment: dumbbellsexercise mat, chair

'As we age, it is so important to stay active, strong and flexible. Toning and stretching the body promotes weight loss and also protects our bones, reduces joint stress and increases brain function.'

Enjoy yourself. Have fun. Keep going. Never give up.

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