Bits-O-Fit: Balance Dog with Kickback

Equipment: dumbbell

The balance dog with kickback is a full body exercise that will challenge your core and isolate your triceps.  Add this to your regular weight routine for a little extra challenge.

Full Length 10-Minute Total Body Workout with Jessica Smith

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Length: 10:26
Equipment: A set of heavy dumbbells (5-25 lbs), exercise mat.

A great workout if you're short on time or just getting back into a regular workout routine.  Feel free to adjust the weights and moves to your level of ability.

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Bits-O-Fit: Dog Stretch with Shawn Johnson

Equipment: exercise mat

"Check out this gymnast version of Upward Facing Dog; the best stretch for gaining mobility through your upper torso."

Bits-O-Fit: Cat Stretch with Shawn Johnson

Equipment: exercise mat

"The Cat Stretch drill mimics the moves of a cat and is perfect for keeping muscles limber. This drill also helps with mobility and range of motion in the shoulders."

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