Denise Austin Yoga Stretch Workout

photo by yoga mama CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 | alt from original

Length:  12:16
Equipment needed:  exercise mat.  chair for balance (optional).

This is a simple yoga inspired stretching routine.  Denise covers all areas of the body from head to toes.  There are a few moves that require balance, so have a chair handy if you need it.  Anyone who's done any type of yoga before will have no problem with this stretching routine.  If you are a complete beginner, you may find yourself unstable in a few of the moves.  For instance, when you're on the floor in the modified runners stretch, you may feel more comfortable keeping your hands on your knee rather than lifting your arms up into the air, like Denise does.  For the hamstring stretch, you might also want a strap, exercise band, or towel handy, if you're tight in that area.  Only stretch to tension.  Never stretch to pain!

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