Insane Home Fat Loss Legs and Butt Workout

photo by GabboT CC BY-SA 2.0 | alt from original

Time:  12:10
Equipment needed:  Chair for balance (optional).

I loved this workout!  Mike's personality is fun and I really, really like interval training.  There are only two exercises in this routine that are repeated in 4 rounds.  The exercises are simple but tough.  You might need a chair for balance but you can be brave and try it without a chair, too, that will make the workout a lot tougher.  The one-leg deadlifts work the hamstrings, gluts, and core and they also stretch out the hamstrings at the same time, which I really needed today because I'm super tight back there.  The jumping lunges are simple and quick but also get your heart rate up.  It's a quick, simple, and tough workout for your lower body.  I'll definitely be scheduling more of Mike's workouts.

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