Yoga Online: Full Yoga Class for Beginners

Time:  1:12:27
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat.  Yoga strap.  Towel or blanket (optional).

I decided to do a yoga workout this evening.  So this is a bonus post today.  I'm pretty sore from the other workouts I've done lately and I really want to get back into a regular yoga practice, too.  I have an injury in the bones in my upper-back, as well as tightness and sometimes sciatica in my hips.  I'm hoping that a regular yoga practice will help heal those problems.

This workout is slow and controlled.  If you've never done yoga before, this will help you learn many of the typical yoga poses.  The instruction is precise and I need that because I don't always want to have to look at the screen to see what needs to be done next.

I would have liked there to have been more modifications suggested since this is a class made for beginners.  Not everyone is going to be limber enough or strong enough to move into each pose as suggested.  You may need a yoga block when in triangle.  You also don't have to jump out into any pose, just step out.  I don't have a yoga strap, so I used one of my elastic exercise bands.

I loved the relaxation at the end of the routine.  I love savasana.  I always feel so fully relaxed and rejuvenated after a properly guided savasana.

The only reason I gave this 4-stars is because of the lack of modifications suggested for beginners.  Any well done beginners yoga would always show the modifications that can be done for every pose.
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