Sadie Nardini 20 Minute Weight Loss & Fatburning Yoga

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Time:  17:50
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat.  Yoga block.

I felt so good during and after this yoga routine.  Sadie teaches you how to really breathe into your core in a way that I've never experienced before with any other yoga I've ever done.  Although this workout is short, you get warm very quickly.  My heart rate was definitely up at the end of the workout.  Sadie also mentions that you can repeat the routine again if you have more time and want more of a workout.

I think this yoga routine is better suited for an Advanced Beginner to Advanced yogi.  I don't feel that a complete beginner to exercise and/or yoga could do this workout without knowing how to properly modify some poses to their abilities.  Sadie does show you some modifications but not for every pose.  For instance, when she's in Warrior, she is balancing on her back toes.  I needed to put my foot down, with my toes facing outwards for more stability, which is how I've always experienced Warrior.

Sadie has a peaceful yet powerful teaching style and I really enjoyed this workout, which is why I rated it 5-stars even though it's not for all yoga levels.  I'll definitely be doing more of her yoga workouts in the future.

Oh, and, always remember that yoga is a practice, not a perfection.  Do what you can.  Move into each pose in a way that honors your body and it's current abilities.  Do not force yourself into a pose that hurts.  If you feel pain, stop.  Strength, stamina, and flexibility will come with time and further practice.

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