FitnessBlender 20 Minute Home Abdominal Workout

Time:  20:03
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat

This is a really good abdominal and lower-back workout.  Everything is on the floor, so there is no getting up and down constantly throughout the workout.  You will however have to roll over from back to front quite a few times between each set of exercises.  Some of the exercises might need to be modified.  I had to modify a few of the exercises because it will take me a bit to build my strength and range of motion back up after too much time off from working out. If you don't know modifications, I suggest watching the video through once to listen to his suggestions for modifying because he doesn't physically show any modifications.  Go at your own speed and within your own range of motion.  I didn't find this as tough as the FitnessBlender standing abs workout I did last week but it's still good.
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