FitnessBlender's Abs & Obliques Cardio Blend

Time:  28:20
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat

I started to do this workout yesterday but only made it through the first round before getting a splitting headache, so I didn't finish this yesterday.  So today I made a point to do the whole thing before moving on to my regularly scheduled workout.

This is a really good blended workout.  In between each ab exercise is a bit of cardio.  In the first round, the cardio is burpees, and in the second round, it's jumping jacks.  I had to modify quite a few of the ab exercises because I don't have my strength built back up yet to do them as Daniel does them.  I also didn't do the jumping jacks for personal reasons, instead I did a jog in place with high knees.  Give me burpees over jumping jacks any day, seriously.  I just don't do jumping jacks.  Just do as many repetitions in the time allotted.  Go at your own speed and keep good form.
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