FitnessBlender's Lean Mean Legs Workout

Time:  37:39
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat

I really enjoyed this workout.  There are quite a few unique variations on standard exercises done here, so it's not your same old lower-body workout.  There's a 7 minute warm-up at the beginning and then 2 rounds of 9 exercises.  I did have to modify a few of the exercises because of my strength abilities.  I'll list them in order here...

During the figure 8's you might want to have a table, chair, or wall handy for balance.  I did use the edge of my desk to touch with my finger tips every-so-often to help me keep my balance during this one.  Be sure to pull up and out of your hips to help keep your balance here, too.

On the inner-thigh W's, I had to keep my hip on the mat.  I just could not hold my hip up off the floor for any length of time.  I did take a few stabs at it throughout each round but only for a few seconds each before I had to put my hip back down on the mat.

For the U side leg lifts, Kelli is holding herself up on her arm.  It is ok to drop down a bit to rest your head on your hand or even drop your arm all the way down to the floor and rest your head on your arm.

During crossover crab leg lifts, I didn't put my hands all the way down on the floor like Kelli does.  That's too hard on my wrists, so instead I held myself up with just my fingers fully on the floor and my palms up off the floor, keeping my palms and wrists in-line.  This takes a lot of pressure off of my wrists.

That's it for modifications.  Just do as many reps in the time allotted for each exercise and keep good form.  Remember to add a stretch in at the end of the workout.
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