FitnessBlender Standing Ab Workout

Time:  34:46
Equipment needed:  One dumbbell (optional)

This is a great standing workout and one of the best ab workouts I've ever done.  There were quite a few exercises here that I had never done before.  This workout includes a 3 minute warm-up and then 3 rounds of 7 exercises.  There were a few of the exercises that made me light-headed because of the movement of bringing my head down towards my knees and then back up again.  The feeling is similar to what can happen when standing up too quickly.  That may not affect everyone. I also have a tender lower-back from an injury earlier this month, so some of the exercises here did make my back feel a little sore but a tight core is crucial to having a healthy lower-back, so I just took care to really hold my core in tight when doing any exercises that also involved the lower-back.
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