FitnessBlender Total Body Boot Camp

Time:  26:13
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat.  Set of light dumbbells, optional.

This is a really good full-body cardio interval training workout.  My hamstrings are just so sore from last week's workouts that it was hard to get through and I had to limit my range of motion because of this.  I had to take a pause in-between each round.  Before the last round, I did a deep hamstring stretch, like we would do in ballet class, and put my leg up on the barre (my desk) and bent into it.  I just let myself really breathe into the stretch and mentally told my muscles over and over again to relax and release.  I held each side about a minute.  That really seemed to help me during round 3.  It also helped that my husband came home and got me laughing, so that took my mind off of how sucky I thought my workout was going today.
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