25-Minute Low-impact Walking Workout

Time:  26:42
Equipment needed:  None

To be fair, this workout had some good moves but there are so many things I didn't like about it.  First and my biggest issue with it is that whomever is working the camera sucks!  They kept zooming in and out and moving back and forth.  It was so disorienting and so very unprofessional.  Yes, it's an amature workout video but they should have just set the camera in one place and left it there.  Then there was the fact that she did this on her porch.  Nice back yard but you can hear almost every step.

About half way through the video I just turned her down and turned my own music up and did my own thing with using her movements as a guide.  This way my movements flowed with my music and went at the pace I wanted them to.  So I made this workout into something that was pleasant for me.  I recommend you do that, too, if you really want to try this workout.  By itself, there wasn't anything particularly pleasant about it.
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