15 min Beach Body Pilates Workout

Time:  16:18
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat.

Let me just say, thank goodness this workout is only 15 minutes.  Sol gives us a super simple workout that's nearly tough as nails.  My arms are going to be so sore tomorrow.  I have a tender lower back, so there's an ab move that she does with her legs up in the air and she's moving them side-to-side, that I had to be careful with because it was bothering my lower back.  I didn't take my legs as far over to the sides as she did.  I also didn't do the body rolls or the roll-up from my back to my feet.  I don't need to bruise my lower back like I did a few weeks ago during a yoga workout.  Sol does give you different levels of each workout, so you can tailor it to your fitness level.  Her personality is great, too, which makes it pleasant to workout with her.
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