Make Your Own Sports Drink... Ditch Gatorade and Powerade

After watching today's BeFit in 90 Trainer Tip, I decided to see what sort-of homemade sports drink recipes are out on the Internet for those of us who prefer not to ingest chemical-laden, HFCS-laden, mass-marketed sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade.  You'll also cut down on the consumption of disposable plastics, too, by making your own, and you'll save money!  We're all about saving money around here.  The blog is full of FREE workouts, you know.  ;)

So here are a few links to the recipes that I've found.  They all look super easy to make and definitely look more appealing than a bottle full of corn syrup and chemicals.

Two variations at Sports Girls Play.
One using maple syrup & Himalayan crystal salt at Quantum Balancing.
Some really great varieties at BRT Insights.
Two different variations at Lifehacker, here and here.
One at The Consumerist.
Last but not least, as this looks interesting using herbs, this one at eHow.
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