Abs Of Envy Workout

Time:  21:11
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat.  One dumbbell.

This was a very interesting workout.  I like that most of the workout is a standing abs workout.  You don't get down on the mat until near the end.  There were quite a few ab exercises included that I had never done before.  I used a 3 lb dumbbell, I couldn't have gone any heavier than that because not only are you getting an ab workout, all of the arm movements are also working your shoulders.  If you notice yourself getting a little too tired using the dumbbell, then put it down and do the workout without it.  Your abs will still get a great workout.  They also do a plank crawl towards the end.  It's tough.  If you have a hard time keeping good form during the crawl, just hold the plank stationary.  The music in the background is a little quirky and just slightly annoying at times.  That's the only negative thing I have to say about this workout.
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