eFit30 Pilates for Beginners

Time:  28:15
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat

This workout is a good workout for beginners but the video quality is so bad that it's a bit frustrating to follow.  It can be pretty pixely at times, her voice gets louder and softer throughout the workout, and the audio and video don't match.  For this reason, I gave this one 3-stars.

They suggest plenty of modifications for those who have neck or back problems or are just at a different fitness level.  I wasn't feeling very strong today, so I used most of the modifications plus a few others that they didn't suggest.  For instance, I kept both feet on the floor the entire time during the bridge exercise.  My legs and butt still got a good workout with that exercise but today I just didn't feel strong enough to do the bridge with one leg up in table-top.  It's a perfect workout for those just starting pilates.
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