FitnessBlender's Upper Body Functional Strength Training Workout with Dumbbells

Time: 27:14
Equipment needed: Exercise mat. Dumbbells. Balance ball or bench (optional).

This is my second time completing this workout video. I took it a little lighter on the weights this time because I remember how sore I was last time using heavier weights. I like the different variations that Daniel uses for each exercise. They are a little different than most standard upper-body weight exercises.

If you don't have a balance ball or bench, you can still do this workout. Just follow my modification suggestions listed below.

  • All exercises done on the ball in the bridge position (on the back) can be done on the floor with your lower body in bridge position like the image below.

  • All exercises done on the ball in a sitting position can be done standing. There are a few exercises where Daniel lifts one foot slightly off the floor to work on balance at the same time, do the same in the standing position.
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