Belly Dance Lesson & Workout

Time:  59:37
Equipment needed:  None

I did this workout yesterday but put off doing the review for too long and then lost interest in doing it.  So I'm sticking it into today's reviews.  I've struggled with procrastination my whole life.  It's something I'm working on changing.  If it's something you struggle with, too, I understand.  We'll work on changing it together.  :)

I really enjoyed this video.  It is a belly dance lesson but it takes strength and control to do the movements correctly, so you'll get a good workout, too.  I think Melissa does a good job of teaching the basics of the movements while still keeping the pace of the class moving along.  Like she said, no one is going to get these movements down the first time they do them.  It takes repetitive practice to fine tune and really feel comfortable in the movements.

I found the hip drop practice pretty fun.  Have you ever tried to squeeze each individual butt cheek separately and then repetitively back and forth?  It's hard.  I also really like the bit of choreography she has us do towards the end of the video.  That was a lot of fun.

The video does cut off abruptly at the end while doing the shoulder isolations.  I would have liked to have had the entire class recorded but what she has here, available for free, is generous and very good.
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