Strength 101: Biceps and Triceps

Time:  46:30
Equipment needed:  Dumbbells and Exercise mat

When choosing dumbbells for this workout pick one set that will challenge both your biceps and triceps.  Dulci does a lot of combo moves that work both muscles in the exercise and there is no time to change weights.  I used a set of 5 lb dumbbells throughout the workout.  I would be better off using 8 lb dumbbells for biceps and 5 lb dumbbells for triceps but this workout is not set-up in a way that allows for changes in weights.

Dulci also does some lower body work and some cardio in this workout, too.  I like that her workouts, even when specifically targeting a certain set of muscle groups, combine the whole body.  I think that allows for a more well-rounded workout.

I can easily get bored with weight-training, so I like that Dulci did the combo moves and added in the lower-body and cardio.  It kept the pace moving along quickly and kept me from getting bored and before I knew it, it was over and done.
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