POP Pilates for Beginners: Ab Time!

Time: 13:11
Equipment needed: Exercise mat

Cassey is a joy to workout with.  I'm currently working my way through her beginner's series.  I'm just getting back into a regular workout routine.  I've been struggling with what type of workouts I am able to do because of my foot issues.  To be truly honest, I've been depressed about it since the beginning of the year.  It truly sucks.  I think with pilates, I can avoid adding to the pain I already experience in my foot everyday.

This is a great workout.  Cassey explains various modifications and levels of each exercise.  Anyone can do this workout, it's not just for beginners.  But she does slow down the movements, which makes it tougher because it's nearly impossible to use momentum at the speed she's going.

Cassey is also very personable.  She carries on a conversation with us during each workout.  She asks questions and likes for us to post the answers on her blog or YouTube station.  Her constant talking helps to take my mind off of the work and the workouts seem to go quicker.

She also plays great music during her workouts.  <--- that's where the POP in POP Pilates comes from.
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