FitnessBlender 20 Minute Home Upper Body Workout

Time:  20:03
Equipment needed:  Exercise mat.  Dumbbells.

This was a good upper-body workout.  The instruction is well-done and there is plenty of time to rest or change weights in-between each exercise.  You will go through 3 rounds of 6 exercises with 12 repetitions each (or as many as you can do while keeping proper form).  Today was the first day I was able to do push-ups from my knees without bending at my waste at all.  My plank from shoulders to knees was completely flat.  I could only do about 8 repetitions in the time allotted but I wasn't thinking about that at all.  I was just happy to see that in 2 short weeks of consistent exercising, I could get strong enough to do them properly from my knees.  There is a really good upper-body stretch at the end, too.
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